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Clinical Microbiology

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Pathogen Identification Directly from
Whole Blood within 24 Hours

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With Patented and Proprietary Technology

Devin® Fractionation Membrane (Patent submitted)

PaRTI-Seq® (Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing)



Deplete 95% of Human
Nucleated Cells in 5

  • Zwitterionic interface Ultra-Self-assemble Coating Technology (ZISC Technology)
  • Leukocytes Selection with Anti-adhesion Technology
  • Patent Certification
Blood Smear before filtering

Blood Smear before filtering


Depleting >95% leukocytes

Blood Smear after filtering

Blood Smear after filtering

Detect Pathogen Directly from
Whole Blood within 24 Hours

  • Sample processing


    microbiome enrichment kit

  • Library Prep & Sequencing


    miLibrary Preparation kit

  • Data Analysing & Reporting


    Analysis Software

Pathogen Real - Time Identification by Sequencing


Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing (PaRTI-Seq®) is Micronbrane’s complete solution for rapid Pathogen Identification. Combining Devin® filter, optimized sample preparation method for next generation sequencing(NGS) and proprietary analytical methods, it provides precise test results within 24 hours.

  • Devin®
    Blood Fractionation Membrane

    Patented device

    Can deplete host nucleated cells and enrich microorganism significantly

  • PaRTI-Seq®

    Clinically Validated Product

    Accurate and rapid pathogen detection with the incorporation of Next Generation Sequencing technology

‹24hrs to ultimate report on pathogens

  • 5 min Remove/reduce Leukocytes

  • 1.5 hrs Nucleic acid purification

  • 4 hrs NGS library preparation

  • 18 hrs NGS sequencing & final report



Advantages of PaRTI-Seq® in Clinical Testings

Blood Culture
mNGSPaRTI-Seq® Micronbrane
100+ Years
In recent 5 Year
Commercially available soon
Turnaround Time2-7 days1-2 days
24 hours Accelerated
Positivity Rate20-30%50-60%
80-90% Accurate
Medium Affordable
Can not avoid host interferenceAvoid host interference by proprietary technique


Fractionation filter Devin®
Fractionation filter Devin®

Ready-to-use syringe-driven filter for wide use in microbiology applications

  • Depletes white blood cells within 5 minutes
  • Provide higher percentage of reads in comparison with other depletion methods
  • For filtering of whole blood, plasma and other body fluids
  • 100% integrity tested, individually packaged, and sterilized


whole blood, plasma and other body fluids (serum, swabs and washed)

  • Type

    Syringe Fractionship filter

  • Certification

    ISO 13485

  • Inlet / Outlet

    Female luer-lock (clear) inlet/male luer-lock (white) outlet

  • Volume range

    ‹10 mL

  • Pore size / Diameter

    15-20 μm / 25 mm

  • Housing material


  • Filter material

    Non-woven fabric

  • Sterility


  • Shelf life

    25°C , 1 year

  • Packaging

    24 per box

Microbial DNA Enrichment Kit Specification
Microbial DNA Enrichment Kit Specification

High Efficiency Microbiome DNA Enrichment Kit (24 reactions)

  • Include Devin® fractionation filters for host DNA depletion and much faster pathogen identification.
  • Fast and simple protocol (both manual and automated)
  • Compatible with downstream applications including next generation sequencing on all platforms qPCR and end point PCR
  • With PaRTI-Seq R enable pathogen identification and reporting within less than 24 Hours;

Each kit contains:

  • Devin® filter (DF253-1) x 24 pcs
  • Microbial DNA enrichment kit (M6) x 3 racks (8x Rxns)
  • Proteinase K x 1 vial
  • Incubation buffer x 1 vial
  • Lobind tubes 1.5 mL x 24 pcs
  • Elution buffer x 1 vial